Xanthan Gum

Xanthan Gum

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Xanthan Gum (Dispersible)

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YOGI-XNGM(Xanthan Gum) is dispersible grade Xanthan Gum biopolymer is a blended Xanthan of high molecular weight, which act as primary viscosifier and weighting suspending agent in fresh and saline mud systems and acid viscosifier for matrix and fracture acidizing operations.
YOGI-XG(Xanthan Gum) is a viscosifier and suspending agent for water base mud systems ranging from fresh, sea and salt saturated waters, gypsum and KCL/PHPA muds, non damaging fluids, low solids polymer mud and dispersed systems where the pH should be kept below 11.0 & is resistant to mono(Na+) and bivalent cations (Ca2+ ). It is a high molecular weight linear polysaccharide has the unique ability to produce a fluid that is highly shear thinning and thixotropic.