Chemistry & Reaction Capability

Chemistry & Reaction Capability

Bromine Reaction


HBR Reaction

HBR Reaction

Chemical reaction technologies


Halogenation Technology

​​At Yogi, we undertake two types of halogenation reactions: substitution and addition reactions​​. Know more about​ ​chlorination and bromination expertise.


Grignard Chemistry

Expertise in reaction of organometallic chemical reactions where alkyl, allyl, vinyl or aryl magnesium halides are reacted with electrophilic carbonyl compounds.


Oxidation Reaction Technology

Oxidation chemical reaction technology for pharmaceutical intermediate synthesis using Hydrogen Peroxide, Nitric Acid and Sodium Hypochlorite.


​​Friedel-Crafts Technology

Expertise in chemical reactions which involves​ ​alkulation or acylation of aromatic ring with an​ ​alkyl halide or acid chloride using strong Lewis’s​ ​acid.


​​Hetero-Cyclic Synthesis

We expertise in synthesis were ring formation or modification is done using precursors. By​ ​this, cyclic compounds of carbon or non-carbon​ ​elements are created.


Reduction Technology

Yogi expertise in synthetic routes using​ ​reduction chemical reaction like​ ​Hydrogenation, wolff-kishner and reduction​ ​using borohydric salts.


​Suzuki Coupling Chemistry

Suzuki coupling is a widely used cross coupling reaction between an organohalide and an organoborinic acid. The reaction is typically catalysed by a Pd-based catalyst and runs under mild conditions.


Chiral Chemistry

The expertise of high selective of the desired​ ​isomer has been gained with years of experience of synthesis of the chiral molecules​ ​for speciality chemicals.


Miscellaneous(Other) Technologies

Numerous further chemical reactions complete our capacities for multi-stage synthesis. These reaction types are routinely performed in addition to the main reactions.

The different kinds of reaction we can handle

​Claisen Condensation​Beckmann Rearrangement​Halogenations
​Bouveault-Blanc Reaction​Catalytic reduction​Nitration
​Gabriel Synthesis​Condensations​Sandmeyer Reaction
​Japp - Klingemann Hydrazone Synthesis​Cyclization​Wolff Kishner Reduction
​Decarboxylation​Friedel-Craft Reaction​Bromination
​Wittig Reaction​Cyanation​Oxidation
​Addition Reaction​DiazotisationVlismeier-Haack reaction
​Aldol Condensations​Coupling Reactions​Michael Additions
​Acetal Formation​Epoxidation​Carboxylation
​Alkylation Amination​Grignard Reaction​Dehalogenations
​Hydrogenation​​Hydrolysis​Mannich Reactions
​Negishi Coupling​Protection​Thionation
​Acylation​De-alkylation cleavage​Schiff base reaction
​Pinner synthesis

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