About Us

About Us

About Us

Yogi Intermediates PVT. LTD., A well-known nationally & globally accepted name in bromine derivatives has been established in 1995 by a dynamic person named Pravinbhai Lakhani since its foundation.

Yogi intermediates come with 25 plus years of experience, as a leading manufacturer of bromine & its derivatives. Yogi in sanskrit means a person who joints or creates bonds & same in chemistry it means bonding molecules & creating compounds.

Started with just manufacturing one bromine-based product and now we are the pioneer and INDIA’s largest manufacturer of bromine derivatives, speciality chemicals and api & API intermediates.

We are known as the leading supplier to some of the very giant & known groups in the field of Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals, Flavour & Fragnance, Pesticides etc.

Our products have been well accepted in the domestic as well as International market. Our customers are satisfied with the products we deliver at Yogi Intermediates PVT. LTD.

Yog Iintermediates Pvt. Ltd.


The name ‘Yogi’ is a unique asset, which amongst others, represents a rich heritage of values. In an environment where change is a way of life, our continuity of values is fundamental. We have therefore formalised key values and are committed to institutionalising them. We will seek to create an environment wherein these values are consistently practised and nurtured and ensure that they are not compromised to realise short-term gains.


We are committed to significantly enhancing value by:

Our Mission

We shall endeavour to, always be the market leader, by providing our customers with the latest, the most innovative and the best available technologies, products and services. Through this, we shall provide our customers with the best “Value for Money” by producing best-in-class quality products at the most competitive prices. We shall conduct our operations keeping safety and the environment in place along with the upgradation of technology.

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Our Vision

Our Values