Environment Health And Safety

Environment Health And Safety

Hazard Awareness Chart

1.Developing clean and safe technologies to manufacture quality products by taking steps at the appropriate stages of process devel opment, design, purchase, manufacture, maintenance and packaging.

2.Communicating this policy to all the employees, contractors, visitors and stakeholders. Provide all employees with the necessary
information, instruction, training and supervision needed to ensure equipment quality, safe working practices are adhered to, and
to develop quality, environmental, health and safety awareness amongst employees.

3.Integrating the requirements of environmental protection & sustainable development; minimisation of energy, material usage and
the production of waste; prevention of pollution; Effective and responsible waste management and disposal; elimination/
prevention of occupational health, safety and security to people, asset and environment, safe working conditions and safe behaviour in all our activities.

4.Incorporating appropriate criteria in selection, placement and assignment of personnel, including contractors and other agencies at
appropriate level, empower and make them accountable to achieve QEH&S targets using given facilitates with optimum efficiencies.

5.Encouraging all employee’s active involvement and participation in developing a culture that favours improved processes and control
of preventive aspects also through employee health and safety representatives.

6. Motivating all employees in promoting safe behaviour and healthy habits in the workplace and in everyday life.

Chemicals for Reuse

Due to the various hazards associated with the production of chemicals, we have installed machinery and equipment to control the discharge of effluents including A zero liquid discharge based effluent plant with high capacity of 50 KLD which includes primary treatment plant, stainless steel evaporator, scrubber sets and filter press and state of art effluent treatment plant equipped with zero liquid discharge solutions including multiple effect evaporator, reverse osmosis for purification of waste and bioreactors for treatment of effluents and removal of organic load.