R and D

Research and Development


YIPL has a modern, well–equipped and in-house R&D Lab for testing and new product development; and constant improvement in the existing product lines.

YIPL constantly pursues innovation and the materialization of dreams with the wonder of chemistry, thereby actively promoting its research and development activities. Our up-to-date research & development also help us keep one step ahead of the competition and closer to customer expectations.

YIPL is in a constant process of developing technologies and materials harmonizing with the global environment while maintaining a competitive advantage in its business domains to ensure the growth and expansion of the Yogi Group.

YIPL contributes to society by creating new technologies and new materials that will shape the future of the industry.

Quality Assurance / Quality Check

Process development and innovation are the key pillars of Yogi’s research capabilities In fact,  the promoters themselves are technocrats and drive the R&D.

Our primary success comes from process innovation and efficiencies.

Yogi’s R&D facility has a dedicated and experienced R&D team. There are two teams led by five qualified and experienced team leaders who are Ph. Ds.

Yogi has also implemented, the current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) quality management system as applicable for key starting materials (KSM) and intermediates, at both its R&D facilities. The cGMP prescribed by the US food and drug administration provides for systems that assure proper design, monitoring and control of manufacturing processes and facilities.

YOGI’S R&D Centre are well equipped and can carry out the reaction under a wide range of pressure and temperatures.

Yogi is committed to strengthening its R&D capabilities and keeping adequate budget for its R&D

YOGI’S R&D Facility is equipped with