Board Of Directors

Board Of Directors

“One vision one team”

Pravin Lakhani

Pravin Bhai Lakhani has been spearheading the company on its growth path since 1995 and currently serves as chairman emeritus on the board of YOGI. He is credited with the company’s early adoption of a global outlook and ingraining a strong value system within the company. 

He has been involved in creating the overall vision of the company and is actively involved in all techno-commercial departments. He has been responsible for yogi’s R&D, production operations, new projects, and technical business development, He is the man behind  the overall transformation of the company over the last several decades by managing numerous portfolios from Finance, IT, Business Development, Manufacturing CSM operations, and Merger & Acquisition related activities, and has multiple decades of experience in the speciality chemical industry.

He is the man behind YOGI calm, a decision-maker, leader, speaker, strategy maker, and futuristic thinker  A man is made by his beliefs, as he believes, so he becomes”

He created multiple new world-class manufacturing facilities involving diverse technologies that have raised YOGI’s manufacturing capacities, His success story fired the imagination of the NEXT generation of YOGI, For many, he remains an icon, a role model to be emulated.

“Success starts with zero and when it is added with hard work, subtracted with laziness and divided by the time it gives the big outcome”

Nitin Lakhani

The man behind the factory having more than 20 years of experience started his long journey before 2000, He has been an integral part of yogi’s long journey & a big supportive hand to Mr Pravin Bhai Lakhani.

He has been involved in all factory operations including production, Engineering, handling, safety, audits, chemical engineering solutions, dispatch, construction, research & development, manpower handling, processing etc.

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”

Whatever action a great man performs, common men follow. And whatever standards he sets by exemplary acts, all the world pursues.

Nishith Lakhani

Young, Energetic, Entrepreneur, Joined the company in 2016 a civil engineer with a degree of masters in construction management from texas united states, Having his hands on import and export leads the company to higher levels Improving quality & Customer satisfaction,  With strong leadership and interpersonal skills, he heads Yogi’s operations and has been responsible for developing its business relationships.

He is the managing director of the company. He heads various business divisions of the company including research and development, business development, growth strategy, quality control, purchase, marketing and finance.

 specializing in providing total solutions to foreign companies setting up Indian presence. he has bought immense value to the board and the company at various levels of their growth cycles right from he joined till today. he has played an instrumental role in the rapid development of the company’s customer base.

He is responsible for creating the overall vision of the company and is actively involved in all techno-commercial departments. He focuses on innovative chemical engineering solutions for our R&D, pilot plant, and production processes.


Dhairya Lakhani

A chemical engineer joined the journey of YOGI in 2020, Setting the stage for the next wave of growth & value creation he is been responsible for bringing in superlative changes in policies and transforming operations and systems, thus, providing synergy to various business activities of the company.

“Unity is strength when there is teamwork & collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”