Contract Research & Manufacturing Services

Toll Manufacturing

At YOGI We offer the following services under CRAMS
Yogi intermediates undertake contract manufacturing of API, Intermediates (advanced and basic) offering a competitive advantage to its clients especially in the late-stage lifecycle of products.
With an unwavering commitment to quality, state-of-the-art research, global manufacturing capabilities, regulatory and intellectual property (IP) expertise, we are geared up to support and accelerate the development and manufacturing programs of global innovator companies.
Yogi intermediates can provide a wide range of services to support custom manufacturing projects of pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals, Flavours/Fragrances & Pesticides or other speciality chemicals.

At yogi, we offer services like process development, process optimization & commercial scale-up of processes carried out in an efficient, cost-effective manner with quality and innovation.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in panoli, gujarat, which is supported by technology, engineering, production & compliance.

At yogi, we aim to become an outsourced manufacturer of choice by customers by ensuring superior quality, support and timely deliveries.

Yogi is an ideal manufacturer for any development or production of a molecule, we can assist you during every stage including technology transfer from lab to commercial and manufacturing molecules from KILO to TONS.

At yogi, we follow strict quality-assuring rules like,