Water Soluble Demulsifier

Water Soluble Demulsifier

Product Name:

Water Soluble Demulsifier

Product Code:

WSD -7000

Product Description:

WSD 7000 is a water soluble salt removal demulsifier destabilizes the oil -water interface that surrounds each water particle in the emulsion, replaces the emulsifier molecules (if any), and allows the water to coalesce.

WSD-7000 water soluble demulsifier is a totally organic surfactant solution with water and soluble in crude oil for the demulsification of oil in water, capable of performance at room temperature, but with improved speed and percentage of oil removed .Breaking of emulsion process starts immediately in to layesrs of water & oil when mixes in emulsions. Salt in crude oil are easily Removed .Our water-soluble demulsifier is biodegrable so removing water does not contain any phenolic/ Aromatic compounds.

Physical Appearance – Homogenous Liquid Soluble

Demulsifier : Liquid Density :0.9 -1.0

Solubility -Crude oil, water, methanol,ethanol, and acetone etc

Ph range – 6.5 to 8.0

Water solubility – Soluble

Asphalt and paraffin contain are easily dilute Removed saline water is transfer to normal water