Sodium Silicate

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Sodium silicate is a non dispersed polymer drilling fluids were reintroduced to provide a high-performance shale-inhibitive water-base fluid, as an alternative to oil-base fluids.

The highly inhibitive silicate fluid not only provides wellbore stability but also improves solids control performance with minimal environmental impact.
Sodium Silicate system is formulated with conventional water-based drilling fluid products to provide enhanced inhibition and well-bore stabilization, with performance close to oil-based fluid systems, while drilling highly reactive or fractured shale formations.

Silicates in the drilling fluid comes into contact with slightly acidic, multivalent pore water. The pH drops, causing polymerization of soluble.

Sodium silicate structures to form a silicate gel structure that coats the wellbore and cuttings.

Precipitation occurs through the cross-linking of silicate molecules by multivalent ions in the pore fluid, which blocks drilling fluid and pressure invasion.
The fluid loss control by sealing off the pores and micro-fractures in the formation, with wellbore stability provided by low fluid and pressure invasion.