Sodium Bromide Brine

Sodium Bromide

Product Name:

Sodium Bromide

Product Code:

YOGI-NaBr Brine

YOGI-NaBr Powder (Anhydrous)

Product Description:

Sodium Bromide is used as a completion and workover fluid either by itself or with sodium chloride, potassium chloride or bromide, or with zinc bromide, in formations containing carbonate and/or sulphate ions which give rise to precipitation in the presence of other multivalent completion or workover fluids. Depending on the fluid composition and the required crystallization temperature, solutions of up to 12.5 ppg (1.5 gr/ml) NaBr/NaCl or 19.2 ppg (2.3 gr/ml) NaBr/ZnBr2 can be prepared.


Assay (as NaBr%)   :          42 Min

Density 20/20 °C (g/ml)  :      1.43 Min

pH (of a 5% aqueous solution)  :     5.5 – 8.5