Scavanger For H2s Gas Triazine

Scavanger For H2s Gas Triazine

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Scavanger For H2s Gas Triazine Based

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TRIAZINES, various grades with excellent hydrogen sulphide scavenging properties for both oil and gas applications. YOGI’s SCAV HS is an organic Triazine based  H2S scavenger.  lt is brine soluble and remains soluble after reacting with H2S.YOGI’S SCAV HS provides solid free H2S .Scrubbing for brine based drilling fluids in neutral-high pH conditions.

In general, hydrogen sulfide scavenger, H2S SCAV-T (Triazine Based H2S Scavenger) is injected into or otherwise brought into intimate contact with liquid hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulfide and water in any convenient manner. If hydrogen sulfide in natural gas is a problem, the natural gas may be scrubbed with an aqueous/non-aqueous solution of the product. This can also be used in scavenging hydrogen sulfide from the recovered substances from the subterranean wells.