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Rigwash -Cleaner

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YOGI RIGWASH is a highly concentrated, heavy duty cleaner and degreaser formulated for oilfield and Industrial use. It is a aqueous blend of anionic & non-ionic surfactant is highly effective in fresh or saturated salt/sea water. It is advisable to use remove thick deposits of oil and grease and rig floor without dilution. It can clean tanks and Mechanical parts by diluting with kerosene oil.

YOGI-RIGWASH is used for reducing surface tension. It is an excellent emulsifier and can be used at any point in the drilling operation to improve emulsification and reduce torque and drag.

YOGI RIGWASH-CLEANER is a water-soluble drilling additive that is non-toxic, low-foaming, non- flammable, and biodegradable having proprietary additives that is formulated to reduce the interfacial tension between water and soils in the drilling fluid.

YOGI RIGWASH-CLEANER also inhibits the hydration of shale particles by satisfying the unbalanced ionic charges in the clays and by forming a protective film that blocks entry of water into the shale.  This protective film prevents hydration of the shale which helps reduce bit balling, collar plugging, sloughing, enlarged hole and hole-fill on trips.

YOGI RIGWASH-CLEANER helps maintain a thin, tough wall cake, and is not affected by sodium content in the drilling fluid.

YOGI RIGWASH-CLEANER can be used in virtually any water-based drilling fluid.  It is used primarily in upper-hole drilling to minimize bit and Bottom-Hole Assembly (BHA) balling, to reduce surface tension, and aid in dropping sand and facilitates the removal of drill solids.

YOGI RIGWASH-CLEANER should be added continuously at the suction pit while drilling to control “gumbo” formation.  Normal use for preventative action is 1% – 2% by volume.  It is normal to see a little foam at the shakers; no foam is an indication of low activity in the drilling mud.