Rheology Modifier(HRP)

Rheology Modifier Or HRP

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YOGI’S RMOD (Rheology Modifier) Rheology viscosities is used to improve rheological and suspension characteristics of invert emulsion fluids, is stable up to 204 Deg C.

It is used to raise low shear rheology without increasing the plastic viscosity of invert muds and to prevent barite sagging.

It is useful in horizontal section where sagging often causes drilling problems. It is to be added to the invert drilling mud after the organophilic clay in the system has yielded to prevent increased viscosities due to the organo-clay continuing to yield as it circulates.

Typically addition levels of 1-4 ppb of YOGI’S RMOD (Rheology Modifier) are required, but pilot testing should be conducted to determine the proper level.