Reignated Lignite

Reignated Lignite

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YOGI-RL, Resinated Lignite is formulated to improve both API and HTHP fluid loss and provide rheological stability over a wide range of temperatures in almost any type of water-base drilling fluid. Resinated Lignite additive is suitable for use in fresh water, sea water and brackish water.

It is  is used primarily for improving rheological stability and both API and HTHP fluid loss. In laboratory tests with a field mud hot-rolled overnight at 250°F, the addition of YOGI-RL (Resinated Lignite) product resulted in HTHP fluid loss and rheological properties comparable to those measured when using other resinated lignites. YOGI-RL extends filtration control under adverse conditions.

YOGI-RL (Resinated Lignite) is designed to have minimal effect on the viscosity of most mud systems and can reduce the viscosity of non-dispersed systems.

YOGI-RL significantly extends the temperature limitation of water-based fluids.

YOGI-RL resists contamination.

 YOGI-RL improves filter cake by reducing it’s permeability.

YOGI-RL reduces wallsticking tendencies.

YOGI-RL contributes to the drilling of more in-gauge holes.

YOGI-RL stabilizes rheological properties.

YOGI-RL is compatible with a wide range of water-based systems.