Primary Emulsifier

Primary Emulsifier

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YOGI’S -MUL-P is a primary emulsifier designed for mineral and paraffin oil-based mud systems. It is formulated to give emulsifications and is most effective in the presence of small amounts of lime. When used with a secondary emulsifier then good fluid loss control and predictable rheology are imparted to the drilling fluid.

YOGI’S MUL-P emulsifier is activated by calcium and performs best at higher levels (>3 lb/bbl or >8.6 kg/ m3) of excess lime.

YOGI MUL-P emulsifier forms the basic brine-in-oil emulsion required for the oil mud systems. YOGI MUL-P providing excellent and very stable emulsion and oil wetting agent.

It contributes to temperature stability and HTHP filtration control and is most effective over a wide range of temperatures and also in the presence of contaminants.

It provides viscosity filtration control and temperature stability.