Potassium Lignite

Potassium Lignite

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YOGI-KLIG (Potassium lignite) is the humic acid of leonardite treated with potassium hydroxide and used for use in potassium systems to control rheology, reduce fluid loss, and provide potassium for shale inhibition. Most effective in alkaline systems with a pH of 9.5 or above
YOGI KLIG (Potassium Lignite) is especially used in inhibitive muds which utilize potassium and other compounds to inhibit clay activity in the drilling and in the formations penetrated.
YOGI- KLIG contains no chlorides and may be used with other potassium–base additives to formulate low-chlorides KCL free potassium system. Higher dosage may be used in high–temperature applications.
It is also used in fresh water, brackish, sea and salt water mud systems for the same purposes. It maintains stability at temperature above 200ºC and is excellent emulsifier of oil in water emulsion fluids even at high bottom hole temperature in deep wells.