Polyamine Shale Control Additives

Polyamine Shale Control Additives

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YI- CLAY GUARD is a resin based polyamine-based shale inhibitor used in polymer-based drilling and drill in fluids and water-based mud system. It reduces the swelling of sensitive shales and drill cuttings exposed to water -based drilling fluids, it inhibits shale hydration, minimize the problems like excessive dilution rates, increase torque & drag, High surge and swab pressures, minimize the potential for bit balling.


It is a high atomic mass polyamine liquid additive act as a clay hydration suppressant by intercalating   and reducing   the space between clay platelets so that water molecules will not penetrate and prevent shale swelling.


YI-CLAY GUARD is compatible with all conventional inhibited water-based drilling fluids and is designed as a replacement for Potassium Chloride brine systems.


YI-CLAY GUARD provides more effective inhibition than KCL, and laboratory results indicate that 3% YI-CLAY GUARD will give the same level of inhibition as 10% KCL, with similar levels of depletion while drilling shales and clays.