Poly Anoinic Cellulose Grades Pac (Lv & Rv)

Poly Anoinic Cellulose Grades Pac (Lv & Rv)

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YOGI-PAC is a regular tech-grade quality Polyanionic cellulose low (LV) & medium(RV) viscosity material , useful in controlling filtration and increasing rheology in all types of water, but is particularly effective in saltwater brines. It will aid in dispersion control by attaching and encapsulating the drill solids. It may be used at all density ranges, and functions effectively in dispersed and non-dispersed systems.

YOGI-PAC controls fluid loss in freshwater, seawater, KCL and saltwater drilling fluid systems. It aids in the formation of a tough, thin filtercake to minimize the potential for differential sticking. It is useful in viscosifying all types of water to create sufficient yield point to assist in the carrying capacity of solids for improved hole-cleaning. It creates an envelope around exposed shales and cuttings to encapsulate them, reducing dispersion and permitting improvement of wellbore integrity. The encapsulation protects the shale from exposure to water. )

Itis is compatible with most water-based additives and is stable in non-damaging fluids, polymer systems, and in bentonite/lignosulphonate systems, where it can be used to control fluid loss at temperatures up to 300 ° F.