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PHPA-GEL High Polymer Emulsion Encapsulator & Inhibitor for Drilling Fluid is a water soluble emulsion by copolymerization. Main materials are acrylamide, acrylates and its derivatives, auxiliary materials are mineral oil and surfactant. Its viscosity -average molecular weight is up to 6 million and it is mainly used to inhibit clay from hydration/swelling.

PHPA-GEL not only has an effect on inhibiting shale from hydration, dispersion and encapsulating cuttings, but also inhibiting water sensitive formation from water swelling. It’s suitable for mud-making and water sensitive formations. Recommend to use in polymer drilling fluid systems. PHPA-GEL can be formulated into aqueous solution for use or mixed in drilling fluid directly. Suggest mixing uniformly and slowly or intermittently.



⇒ Provides shale inhibition and limits cutting dispersion, is beneficial to prevent bit balling

⇒ Reduces fluid loss

⇒ High viscosity effects, maintains polymer drilling fluid’s rheology

⇒ Resistance to contamination of salt and calcium- magnesium, can be used in brine and saturate brine drilling fluid systems

⇒ Readily dispersible, quickly soluble and does not form “fish eyes”

⇒ Stabilizes borehole, reduces torque, improves quality of mud cake

⇒ Passes solid equipment smoothly, high efficiency, economical

⇒ Easy to use, convenient to add, no powder contamination