Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacryalamide (Encapsulator) Powder

(Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacryalamide) (Encapsulator) Powder

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PHPA encapsulator is a high-molecular-weight PHPA copolymer, used in mud systems ranging from low-solids to weighted muds, utilizing makeup waters from fresh to saltwater, provides cuttings encapsulation and improved wellbore stability.

PHPA can be used in clear-water, solids- free drilling fluids.

PHPA enhances solids removal by flocculating the undesired solids.

PHPA is well suited to low-solids, nondispersed.

The effectiveness of the polymer is reduced as the concentration of dispersants/
deflocculants is increased.

Viscous PHPA sweeps are effective for periodic hole cleaning. Sweeps may be prepared by mixing PHPA directly in the active system at the suction pit or by premixing a high concentration in a separate pit and allowing the polymer to fully yield before being added to the active system.

When drilling top hole, a liquid solution of PHPA may be poured into the drill
pipe during connections to help hole cleaning and maintaining a clean stabilizer and bit, improving ROP.