PAC-RV (Filtration control agent)

PAC-RV (Filtration Control Agent)

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PAC-RV (Filtration control agent)

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YOGI’SPAC RV is a regular tech-grade quality Polyanionic cellulose, useful in controlling filtration and increasing rheology in all types of water, but is particularly effective in saltwater brines. YOGI’S PAC -RV is more cost effective than many alternative products.

YOGI’S PAC -RV is effective in a wide range of makeup waters and pH levels.

YOGI’SPAC -RV has application in most water‐base muds, ranging from low‐solids, non‐dispersed polymer systems to high‐density, dispersed systems; compatible with all common mud-treating additives. High thermal stability; degrades at a lower rate than competitive products. High hardness (1,000 mg/L) will require precipitation of the Ca++ and Mg++ to improve performance.