PAC-LV (Filtration control agent)

PAC-LV (Filtration Control Agent)

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PAC-LV (Filtration control agent)

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YOGI’S PAC LV is a, highly dispersive low viscosity polyanionic cellulose polymer used for improving filtration control in most water based drilling fluid systems without appreciably increasing viscosity.

YOGI’S PAC-LV easily mixed into low shear environments, Effective in fresh, hard and saline environments, Promotes a thin, slick, robust filter cake, Controls fluid loss without significantly increasing fluid viscosity, Supports hole stability in reactive clays and shales, Compatible with all water based drilling fluid systems polymers and lubricants, Supplements the properties of a bentonite base drilling fluid, Improves core recovery and penetration rates, Reduces friction and frequency of differential sticking. addition rates can be adjusted to suit specific applications, hardness must not exceed 400mg /L of calcium.