Modified Starch

Modified Starch

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Modified Starch

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YOGI-STARCH (M) polymer is designed to reduce fluid loss and increase viscosity in all water base muds. It is especially applicable and economical in saturated salt and brine systems where other products are not effective. This includes clear brines used for work over and completion operations.

It encapsulates particles with a protective polymer coating to function as a protective colloid. It is effective as a drilling fluid stabilizer as well as a fluid loss reducer when drilling evaporate formations such as anhydrite or salt and when drilling hydratable shales, it is recommended that the active system be treated with additional biocide, especially if the drilling fluid system has a low salinity.

Effective in a wide range of make up waters, including high salinity high hardness brines i.e.functions in NaCl, KCl, MgCl2, and complex brines Good thermal stability to ≥ 275°F.
Performs satisfactorily over a wide pH range.Minimizes filtration damage to production zones.

Provides wellbore stability through filtration control and encapsulation.