Methyl 2 Bromoacetate


Methyl 2-bromoacetate is a colorless or straw-colored liquid. The smell is sharp and penetrating. It is soluble in water and also has a higher density than water. It is incompatible with acids, bases, oxidizing agents, and reducing agents also commonly used as a reagent in the chemical modification of histidine. Yogi Intermediates Pvt. Ltd. Is well known manufacturer, exporter & seller of superior quality chemicals.


Methyl 2-bromoacetate


Product Methyl 2 Bromo Acetate
CAS Number 96-32-2
Empirical Formula C3H5BrO2
Purity 97% Min
Appearance clear colorless liquid
Density Between 1.59 to 1.61gm/ml
Solubility Soluble in water
Boiling Point 154 °C (309 °F; 427 K)
Water Content By KF Not More than 0.5%