Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium Oxide

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Magnesium Oxide

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Magnesium controls fluid density, rheology, or alkalinity.MgO also helps to slow down the rate of polymer degradation at elevated temperatures

Magnesium Oxide can be used as a substitute for lime as a coagulant in clear water drilling and for alkalinity control in polymer systems where a high pH (above 11.0) is undesirable. In brine drilling mud, used to keep the annulus clean. It also helps neutralize acid gases released by the drilling process.
MAGNESIUM OXIDE is used to provide alkalinity control for all water-based systems and is compatible with freshwater, brines, and brine polymer systems. magnesium oxide dissolves in water to provide a pH of approximately 10.3.At this pH, no more magnesium oxide will dissolve with any remaining undissolved product if the pH falls. This creates a pH buffer that is safer to use than caustic soda.

MAGNESIUM OXIDE can be used to increase the pH of aqueous systems and can also be used as an alternative to lime for treatment of carbon dioxide contamination. Its ability to act as a pH buffer results in it increasing the thermal stability of polymers.
Some polymers are sensitive to the presence of Mg2+, so rheology and fluid loss control may be affected if Magnesium Oxide concentrations are too high.