Lubricant For Monovalent Brine (LUBE-MVB)

Lubricant For Monovalent Brine (LUBE-MVB)

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Lubricant For Monovalent Brine (LUBE-MVB)

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YOGI’S LUBE-MVB is a premium ester-based lubricant for monovalent brine conditions., specifically designed to reduce torque, drag and reduces the possibility of wall sticking, has temperature stability to 3500F (1770C)

YOGI’S LUBE-MVB can be used in all water-based/brine-based fluid at any density required.

Recommended to use at a concentration of 1 – 3% by volume for optimum performance or depending on the mud system.

The product has wide applications in fresh water, saline and saturated salt fluids & does not cause foaming.