Lithium Bromide (Powder / Solution)

Lithium Bromide (Powder / Solution)


Yogi intermediates Pvt. Ltd. Is a leading manufacturer and exporter of pure and high quality Lithium Bromide. It is chemical compound of lithium and bromide. Lithium bromide soluble in water, alcohol and either. It is prepared by the action of hydrobromic acid on lithium hydroxide. It has been utilized on a small scale for catalytic drying agent and for other industrial purposes.


Lithium Bromide on reacting with chlorine, chlorine replaces bromine and lithium chloride is formed. This is a single displacement reaction


Product Lithium Bromide
CAS Number 7550-35-8
Empirical Formula LiBr
Molecular Weight 86.845 g/mol
Appearance White to Pinkish Granular Powder
Purity By GC Min 99%
Density 3.46 gm/cm
Melting Point 552 °C
Boiling Point 1.265 °C
Grade Industrial Grade
Storage Room Temperature
Classification Organic Chemicals


Lithium Bromide (Powder / Solution)
Lithium Bromide