ISO Butyl Bromide


We have large quantities manufactured & sale of ISO Butyl Bromide by Yogi Intermediates Pvt. Ltd. Isobutyl bromide has been synthesized from isobutyl alcohol using bromine and phosphorus, aqueous hydrobromic acid, and gaseous hydrobromic acid from isobutylene and gaseous hydrogen bromide or hydrogen bromide in glacial acetic acid; and by rearrangement of tertiary butyl bromide at 210-220°.


ISO Butyl Bromide


ProductISO Butyl Bromide
CAS Number78-77-3
Empirical FormulaC4H9Br
Molecular Weight137
AppearanceClear Colourless liquid
Purity By GCMin 99%
Density1.26 at 20°C
Melting Point-118°C
Boiling Point91-94°C 
Flash Point71.6°F
Moisture0.5% Max
Packing250 Kgs HDPE Non-Removable Head Type Drums