Ferro Chrome Lignosulphonate

Ferro Chrome Lignosulphonate

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YOGI-FCL (Ferro Chrome Lignosulphonate) is a high grade thinner. It is a highly effective dispersant which controls the viscosity and fluid loss of dispersed water based systems.
It is Multi-purpose deflocculant and gel-strength reducer, temperature stabilizer and filtration-control additive for use in all water-base systems. shows superior deflocculating ability, even in the presence of contaminants and elevated temperatures. YOGI-FCL (Ferro Chrome Lignosulphonate) is a highly effective thinner which controls the rheology of weighted and unweighted polymer/bentonite dispersed systems without causing any gelation at down hole bottom temperatures of 350°F. YOGI-FCL (Ferro Chrome Lignosulphonate) maintains and controls low API and HPHT fluid loss for long duration of circulation during drilling operation. YOGI-FCL (Ferro Chrome Lignosulphonate) is resistant to mono and bivalent electrolytes and has stable performance in most types of water base mud systems, where the pH should be always in the range of 9.5- 11, in order to avoid foaming and degradation.