Drilling Detergent

Drilling Detergent

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YOGI-DRILLING DETERGENT is a blend of selected anionic and non-ionic surfactants with a variety of uses ranging from general rig and engines.

YOGI-DRILLING DETERGENT to specialized cuttings wash solutions for oil muds. This multipurpose product is especially effective as a rig wash for general cleaning when using oil-base mud. YOGI-DRILLING DETERGENT agent is a heavy-duty, low-spume detergent and degreaser, which makes those tough clean up jobs easier.

YOGI-DRILLING DETERGENT is effective in both freshwater and seawater.

YOGI-DRILLING DETERGENT full-strength or slightly diluted as a Rig and equipment wash when using oil-base mud. For use as a general rig and engine degreaser,
regardless of mud type, apply full-strength or dilute with water as needed. Detergent and degreaser for oil mud clean up and cuttings wash.

As a cutting wash solution when using oil- base muds, the recommended concentration is a 2 to 3% solution (i.e., 2 to 3 gal per 100 gal of water).

It works as an oil emulsifier in fresh and sea water mud’s and reduce viscosity of oil contaminants, reduce torque and drag, Minimize Bit Balling, Effective in all water-based muds.