Common Salt

Common Salt

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Common salt

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Sodium Chloride is used as a completion and work-over brine and as a saturated salt system for drilling salt formations (evaporites).

Sodium Chloride brine is used in saturated salt drilling fluids, as the brine phase in oil-based drilling fluids for shale inhibition, and as a completion and work-over brine.

Sodium Chloride reaches brine saturation at 10 ppg (1.20 sg).

In saturated salt systems the Sodium Chloride brine helps to control washouts while drilling salt formations.

Sodium Chloride salt crystals (Graded) are also used in saturated salt systems as a bridging agent and to provide additional weighting.

Sodium Chloride is used to flocculate and increase the density of the drilling fluid to overcome high down-well gas pressures.

Sodium Chloride Salt is also used to increase the curing of concrete in cemented casings.

Sodium chloride Salt is used to produce a drilling mud that prevents widening of bore holes in rock salt strata, inhibits fermentation, and increases mud density.