Chrome Lignite (XP-20)

Chrome Lignite

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YOGI CR-LIG (Chrome Lignite) is a high temperature thinner/dispersant composed of chromium salt of modified lignite which contains Humic acid. It is a highly temperature stable chrome lignite thinner and fluids loss reducer for water based mud used in drilling deep wells.
YOGI CR-LIG (Chrome Lignite) dispersant is applicable in a wide range of water based mud systems, sea and salt water, and in polymer, PHPA, lime and bentonite systems for deep drilling.

YOGI CR-LIG (Chrome Lignite) is an efficient thinner stable up to 204°C and compatible with all mud product of water base mud system where it also controls the high temperature fluid loss and emulsifies oil in water and acts as a shale inhibitor in systems with high electrolyte contents. Compatible with all water base mud systems.
It Reduces differential pressure sticking tendencies by reducing filter-cake thickness and HTHP fluid loss.
It Stabilizes the fluid loss and rheology of water base muds at temperatures up to 450° F(232°C)
Performance is not adversely affected by mud contaminant.