Chrome Free Lignosulphonate

Chrome Free Lignosulphonate

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YOGI-CFL (Chrome free lignosulphonate) Deflocculant is intended for use as a deflocculant and fluid loss additive in all types of water‐base systems. These include freshwater, seawater, saturated saltwater, lime and gypsum base‐fluids. Laboratory tests and field usage show the deflocculating ability of the material in the presence of contaminants and increase in temperature.
YOGI-CFL Deflacculant is specially formulated to act as a deflocculant in virtually all water‐base mud systems.
YOGI-CF Deflocculant reduces and stabilizes viscosity and assists in reducing fluid loss.
YOGI-CFL Deflocculant is used as a thinner and fluid loss control agent in HTHP wells. It suitable for all kinds of drilling fluids.
YOGI-CFL (Chrome Free Lignosulphonate) is a high effective thinner which is applicable in fresh water and sea water drilling fluids. (Chrome Free Lignosulphonate) also acts as a protective gel and fluid loss reducing agent, in mud systems.
YOGI-CFL (Chrome Free Lignosulphonate) is applicable in mud systems for deep drilling with bottom hole temperatures exceeding 350°F where it stabilizes the rheology and controls the fluid loss. It is compatible with polymers, starches, shale inhibitors, clays etc where it acts as protective colloid emulsifying agent.
YOGI-CFL (Chrome Free Lignosulphonate) is stable at temperatures exceeding 350 ° F and resistant to electrolytes. In deep drilling Chrome Free Lignosulphonate can be used in conjunction with Causticized lignite in the ratio of 1:3 where they can maintain acceptable mud properties.