Calcium Bromide Brine

Calcium Bromide Brine

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CaBr2 (52% Min.)

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Calcium bromide is used in oil fields as a solid with a purity of at least 95% & 52-55% as brine as a drilling fluid weighting agent. Calcium bromide solution is chemically and thermally stable and can be mixed with other chloride and bromide salt solutions.

It should be noted that drilling fluids that are prepared with weighting materials in water and are free of solid particles can be used as a workover fluid.

Calcium bromide is one of the weighting agents in drilling fluids. In addition, calcium bromide is used to suspend weighting agents in when the pumps are turned off.



Assay (as CaBr2%) Brine:  52 Min

Density 20/20 °C (g/ml)  :  1.700 Min

pH (of a 1% aqueous solution):  6.5 – 8.0