Benzyl Bromide


Benzyl bromide is a chemical molecule having the formula C6H5CH2Br. We have huge quantities manufactured & sale of Benzyl bromide by Yogi Intermediates Pvt. Ltd. The molecule is made up of a benzene ring replaced with a bromomethyl group. It’s a clear liquid with lachrymatory characteristics. The substance is a reagent used to introduce benzyl groups.


Benzyl Bromide


Product Benzyl Bromide
CAS Number 100-39-0
Empirical Formula C3H7Br
Molecular Weight 171.04
Appearance Clear Colorless liquid
Purity By GC Min 99%
Density 1.438 g/ml at 25°C
Melting Point -3.9°C
Boiling Point 201°C
Flash Point 70 °C
Moisture 0.5%
Packing 25 Kg Also Available in 50 kg HDPE Bags