Acetyl Bromide


Acetyl bromide appears as a colorless, flaring liquid with a pungent odor. Vapors irritate the eyes and mucous membranes. corrosive to metals and tissue. Density: 13.9 lbs/gal. We have huge quantities manufactured & sale of Acetyl bromide by Yogi Intermediates Pvt. Ltd.


Acetyl Bromide


Product Acetyl Bromide
CAS Number 506-96-7
Empirical Formula CH3COBr
Molecular Weight 122.95
Appearance Clear Colourless liquid
Purity By GC Min 98%
Density 1.650-1.670 g/ml at 25°C
Melting Point -96°C
Boiling Point 74 – 77°C  
Flash Point 110 °C
Assay 98.0%
Packing 25,50, 100 Kgs HDPE Non-Removable Head Type Drums