1,4 Dibromobenzene



Yogi Intermediates a global manufacturer and supplier for 1,4 Dibromobenzene it is very useful pharmaceutical intermediates for the manufacturing of 2,5 Dibromo nitro benzene & 2,5 Dibromo aniline. 1,4 Dibromobenzene is an organic compound that is solid at room temperature. This compound has two bromine atoms (bromo substituents) off the central benzene ring. It has a strong smell similar to that of the lighter chlorine analogue. Dibromobenzene is a heavy colorless liquid. Pleasant aromatic odor.


1,4 Dibromobenzene


Product 1,4 Dibromobenzene
CAS Number106-37-6
Empirical FormulaC6H4Br2
Molecular Weight235.90
AppearanceWhite Solid
Purity By GC 98% Min
Density1.84 g/ml
Melting Point83-87°C
Boiling Point220.4°C


1,4-Dibromobutane is used as an intermediate involved in the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredient and other organic compounds. It is also used in the investigation of metabolism of two halopropanes such as 1,3-dichloropropane and 2,2-dichloropropane. Further, it acts as a reagent to prepare diazadioxaoxovanadium (IV) macrocyclic complexes.