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Calcium Bromide liquid 52%

Calcium Bromide is a chemical compound of calcium as well as bromine. It is a white powder in its solid state. We supply Calcium Bromide in 52% Liquid. We procure only quality raw material from reputed suppliers for the formulations of our products.

Molecular Weight 199.90
Cas No. 7789-41-5
Molecular Formula CaBr2

Sr.No. Test Specification
1 Molecular Weight    199.90
2 Cas No.                            7789-41-5
3 Appearance Transparent Water White Liquid
4 Molecular Formula CaBr2
5 Purity 52% MIN.
6 Chloride 0.5% MAX.
7 Sulphate 0.2% MAX.
8 Insoluble 0.3% MAX.
9 pH 6to7 in 5% Solution
10 Sp. Gravity 1.70 MIN.
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  • used as dense aqueous solutions for drilling fluids
  • useful as an oxidizer for mercury emissions control
  • as neuroses medicine
  • freezing mixtures
  • photography
  • food preservation
  • extinguishing fires
  • beverage industry

Calcium Bromide 52% for oil Drilling, Oil Field, Completion fluid & Calcium Bromide Liquid Manufacturer in Saudi Arabia, UAE & Europe.