Manufacturer & supplier of 4-Bromoaniline - Benzyl bromide, Bromobenzene, Ethylene dibromide (EDBR), Monobromobenzene, N-Bromosuccinimide, Bromo OTBN for Pharma & Phase Transfer Catalyst.

About Us

Yogi Intermediates PVT. LTD., a well-known nationally & globally accepted name in Bromine Derivatives has been established in 1995 by a group of Yong & Dynamic Persons having hands on experience in the field.

As one of the leading manufacturer having total experience of almost 25+ years, in field of bromide compounds the promoters are capable enough to produce any Bromine Compounds.

Our Manufacturing Plants have huge production capacity with modern facilities both at production & Laboratory level.

Our Products have been well accepted in the Domestic as well as International Market. Our Customers are satisfied with the quality & Delivery Schedule of Yogi Intermediates PVT. LTD..

We are known as the leading supplier to some of the very giant & renowned Groups in the field of Pharmaceuticals & Pesticides. The above factors have led us to become No.1 in the Product Group of its kind .

Yogi Intermediates PVT. LTD. boasts of other Plants which also have Good Capacity to produce Bromine Compounds as per the requirement.

Thus, Yogi Intermediates PVT. LTD. is quite confident to compete in the market with Good Production Capacity, Quality, Price & Service.

Group of Companies

  • Yogi Enterprise
    @ Sanand, Ahmedabad
  • Yogi Fine Chem
    @ Sanand, Ahmedabad
  • Patel Pesticides ( India ) Pvt. Ltd.
    @ Nandesari, Vadodara
  • Fluorescent Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd. @ Panoli, Ankleshwar
Bromide Compound, Calcium Bromide Powder, Potassium Bromide powder