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Product. 1-Bromo-3-chloropropane.
Synonyms.  3-Bromopropyl chloride, Trimethylene chlorobromide, 3-Chloropropyl bromide, 3-Bromo-1-chloropropane, 1, 3-Chlorbromopropane, I-BCP
CAS Number. 109-70-6 
Empirical Formula. C3H6BrCl
Molecular Weight. 157.44 g·mol−1
Appearance. Colourless to light yellow colour clear liquid.
Purity By GC. > 99.00 %
Density. 1.580-1.595 gm/ml
Melting Point. −58.9 °C (−74.0 °F; 214.2 K)
Boiling Point. 143.3 °C (289.9 °F; 416.4 K)
Flash Point. 57 °C (135 °F; 330 K)
Packing. 250 Kgs HDPE Non-Removable Head Type Drums.
Potassium Bromide Powder India, Potassium Bromide Powder, Bromide Compound


  • related to the manufacturing of Pharma drugs
  • Chemical intermediate for pharmaceuticals-e.g., acetophenazine maleate,dialkylamino propyl chlorides.
  • Used as a chemical intermediate for the synthesis of cyclomethycaine; fluphenazine; opipramol; pentoxifylline; perphenazine; piperocaine; prochlorperazine; propentofylline; reproterol; trazodone; trifluoperazine; urapidil; verapamil.
  • Industry Uses - Ion exchange agents.
  • Consumer Uses - Laundry and dishwashing products.