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Product. 1,4-Dibromobenzene.
Synonyms. Para-Dibromobenzene;P-Benzene Dibromide;P-Dibromobenzene;1,4-Dibrombenzol;1,4-Dibromo-Benzen;Benzene, P-Dibromo-;Benzene,1,4-Dibromo-
CAS Number. 106-37-6 
Empirical Formula. C6H4Br2
Molecular Weight. 235.906 g·mol−1
Appearance. White Free Flow powder.
Purity By GC. > 98.5 %
Density. 1.84 g/cm3
Melting Point. 87 °C (189 °F; 360 K)
Boiling Point. 220.4 °C (428.7 °F; 493.5 K)
Packing 250 Kgs HDPE Removable Head type Drums.
Potassium Bromide Powder India, Potassium Bromide Powder, Bromide Compound


1,4-Dibromobenzene are used as heavy liquid solvents, motor oil additives and as an intermediate to manufacture organic chemicals including dyes, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and flame retardants for polymeric materials.